Sad News

As some of you may know already, The Market Car Park on Northminster Road has closed due to safety reasons highlighted in a structural assessment from the Peterborough City council. 

Not only does this mean there is limited parking in the city centre as the car park will be closed for either refurbishment or demolition but our premises under the car park will also have to cease operating in next the coming months.

Therefore we will have to be closing our doors by September 29th.

We understand if this comes as a shock to you as it was a shock to us and we apologise for any inconvenience, this is a safety measure put in by the Peterborough City Council. 

At present we are unsure what the future is for us and we will let you know of any news when it comes round. We would like to thank everyone for their support in our business over the last few years and we hope you have enjoyed our games.

If you have not played our games yet we would highly recommend that you book quickly.

If you have already made a booking with us and are coming in the next month, your booking is still secure with us. Also our local mobile pub events are still confirmed and operating for the next months.

Please stay in touch via our Facebook page for weekly puzzles and events. We also have our blog posts and as always ...
Thank you for your support.

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