FAQ's and Comments


FAQ's and Comments

What makes us different from the other exit games?

You will receive a unique themed experience; most exit games involve a typewriter, safe and a locked desk. We aim to create an ‘as realistic as we can’ game, based around certain themes, e.g, Marooned Island, Arctic Circle, Scientist’s Laboratory and many more .  We want you to have as much fun as possible, to stretch your mind and solve the puzzles, not to come out at the end frustrated. The games have been designed to test all of your mental skills, not just mathematics; if you are able to see patterns you will love this experience.

You can have a photo of your group at the end of the game, whether you win or lose.


So, what is in the room?

Honesty we cannot say, it’s a secret, part of the mystery of the escape room. All we can say is the back story to your adventure and what the theme is. The room will have puzzles that are based round the theme, which will test all areas of thinking. We design our games to have a storyline running through the game as you play it.

Is it difficult?

There is no way to answer this as this applies to a wide range of people, styles, interests and views. We build and design our rooms for you to win, you do not require outside special knowledge to solve the puzzles, everything you need to get you through the story is in the room. This could be expressed by a clue to a clue or a link through pattern, colour or numbers. This type of problem solving appears in everyday life and you probably didn’t realise you did it. At Thinking Outside the Box we have packaged this into a challenge that involves communication and teamwork.

I don’t like puzzles.

That’s okay not everyone does, nevertheless we believe in your abilities! At Thinking Outside the Box we don’t put you down because you cannot do something, we want to encourage and make people grow from the challenges we set.  We ask people to come in with an open mind.

Even I have an unsolved Sudoku or crossword puzzle on the bedside table, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done, I just have not done it yet.

‘It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you keep going’- Confucius

This might seem a funny quote to tag on to an Escape room company that puts you on a timer to complete your goal. However you will be amazed at what you can accomplish and what you can do together when the clock starts.


Do you have to be physically fit?

No, the game does not involve any heavy lifting.


I don’t like the idea of being locked in a room.

The term ‘locked’ room is in quotations because you will not be ‘locked in’ for safety reasons. One door will remain unlocked (the door you enter into the game.) The doors will be closed so you can become engaged into the theme of game, the goal is to unlock the last door to escape and win your game. 

I am claustrophobic.

You are free to leave the game at anytime. The rooms range from a standard size room ( 10ft by 10ft ) to larger sizes. If you are uncomfortable being in the room, you are free to leave the game, but must remain outside for the rest of the game so not to disturb the other player’s game experience.


What happens if we lose?

Nothing, the game will end and you will be asked to leave the game via the way you came in. You can talk about what you should have done, done quicker and start pointing fingers later, but first you will need to take a photo of your fun time with us. After that, a pat on the back and you can book another game to try and escape next time.


Do you have wheelchair access?

No, sorry we are unable to take someone in a wheelchair due to restrictions on the property. However in the future we are looking to create games that can be run off site and will be accessible.

Can you take children?

We can take a minimum age of 8 with a family group, we cannot take a children’s party. There must be at least 2 adults in the room for safety reasons. We recommend a ratio of 2:1 adult to child ratio.





If you have any other questions please email us on our contact page and we will gladly answer them for you.