Suitcase and props from 'The Haunting'

Suitcase and props from 'The Haunting'

Escape Rooms can offer an opportunity for team building and to improve problem solving skills in a safe, competitive atmosphere. However sometimes it can be difficult to get everyone to travel to one place, so we have made an experience to travel to you. We will provide you with the theme, props and puzzles you might find in an Escape Room that can be played at your choice of location.

We can provide for a group of 16 - 40 people in one room. Each team can consist of four people, all teams can play at the same time in a race to see who can solve all the puzzles the fastest. Choose from our available themes below and fill out the form below for more information.


Wander in Wonderland

‘Tumbling down the rabbit hole you have one hour to escape, race through the puzzling scenery and characters of Wonderland. Follow the trail, chat to the caterpillar, talk to the twins, trust that big Cheshire grin and escape back through the looking glass.’

Teams of 4        16- 40 people


The Haunting

‘Your location has become a haven of paranormal activities. The inspector sent to investigate has scarpered, probably from fright, leaving you and the ghouls here on this night. Midnight will strike soon and the ghosts will lease havoc unto this world, unless you finish what the inspector has started...’

Teams of 4         16- 40 people


Christmas theme - Santa's Workshop

‘Your challenge, if you choose to accept it ... Is to prove yourself worthy to ride shotgun in the sleigh. You must complete the tasks of Santa’s workshop to show you have what it takes to deal with the Christmas rush. Hang the stockings by the chimney with care and get that mouse stirring in an hour of racing puzzle fun.'

Teams of 4            16-40 people

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