If you are stuck for ideas for what to buy an Escape Room or puzzle lover, look no further. This is not a top ten list, we have made a list of some of the games available that might interest you. We have added a little brief about each game that we have played so you can choose which one you might like to play next.



Unlock has made a game with a technique that involves cards to reveal puzzles, solutions and a story to follow. They have created many themes based on this technique and for the most of them have had different puzzles for each story. It seems that for every new game, a new element is implemented that hasn’t been used before, such as use of sound, tactile puzzles or storytelling. The use of a downloadable app is needed for the game as this can provide hints, a timer and even sound effects for the experience. These can be sold separately but also come in a package of three games in one box.

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Game packages Unlock provide include:

Escape Adventures    Mystery Adventures    Secret Adventures      (NEW) Exotic Adventures

Replay – Possible ( Might be enjoyable if you want to be a games master after playing once)

Amount of People –  Advertised as 2 – 6 players -   (4 Adults recommended)

Timing – Advertised as 60 minutes (Depending on the game this is quite accurate)


This game offers a linear story to follow with envelopes that are revealed and opened when needed. There is a coded wheel to determine when you need to move on and you have the correct answer. Some envelopes do offer different types of logical, mental and tactile puzzles which match the theme and makes the game more interesting and moves the story along. It can also offer a chance for 2 separate endings if you wanted to play a shorter or longer game. Instructions can be found about how to reset the whole game for replaying; however with a small group you do get to see how everything works the first time and would probably only reset to give to other friends to enjoy.

Other games available – Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor

Replay – Possible

Amount of People –  Advertised as 3 – 8 players -   (4-5 Adults recommended)

Timing – Advertised as 60 minutes (Depending on your size of group – could be quicker)

Exit the Game 


Exit game offer a unique way of solving clues by collecting clues on a cipher wheel to show you have the correct solution. The game uses a card system to move through the story along with some paper puzzles that make it more interactive, including folding, ripping and tearing. The puzzles can be cryptic but does offer a hint system via the card system if you get stuck.  Although most puzzles are in order, having more than 4 people play could leave to overcrowding on the puzzle solving. As there can be ripping and tearing of the paper puzzles this does lead to the experience being a one shot game with little chance for replay.

Exit the Game offer different scenarios, including;


The Abandoned Cabin         The Pharaoh’s Tomb            The forbidden castle

The secret Lab                    Dead man on the orient Express

Replay – Maybe (If you are very very careful)

Amount of People –  Advertised as 1 – 6 players -   (3-4 Adults recommended)

Timing – Advertised as 60 minutes (Depending on the game- could be quicker)


Operation Escape Room


The concept of this game is advertised as putting a strap with a timer around a ‘prisoner’ while the other players attempt to free them. An electronic plastic counter adds to the drama of a real escape room with a loud rotating clicking timer. The countdown clock can be set to as much as 999 seconds to as little as 10 seconds. The game offers a few interesting concepts made for children to play, collecting three plastic keys to stop the timer. Answer three odd one out puzzles to open a plastic container. A chance spinner and a skill maze to gain the other keys. This would be interesting for children to play for a little while; however adult supervision may be required during game play to ensure fair play.

Replay – Yes but only to a limited point.  

Amount of People –  Advertised as 3 + players -   (3 - 4 children recommend)

Timing – 999 seconds – (about 16 minutes max)   (Adjustable timer to make it more intense for children to play.)


Escape ROOM The Game


This game boasts to be a multi- play game with different puzzles to solve. There are 4 of each type, a riddle, maths and coded puzzle on a small card along with a jigsaw problem to open a plastic re-programmable lock. The puzzles are suitable for younger teenage audience who would like to start puzzling; however the power of elimination for the padlock is very high if puzzles get boring. There is no countdown or timer although it claims to take 1 hour for 1 set of puzzles. This is an over estimate, for an enthusiast, these puzzles are too easy.  The game does require someone to be the games master in order to reset and choose the puzzles to solve.

Replay – Only for a limited number (4) at least

Amount of People –  Advertised as 3 + players -   (2 children recommend)

Timing – Advertised as 60 minutes (Not for enthusiasts, maybe children if they are still interested after 10 minutes. )


Other Games.

Here are some suggestions of other games to buy for Escape Room lovers. We would like to include these board games, unfortunately we have not played these yet and so cannot give a review of what they provide.

However we have heard good things about these so have included them on this list and we will post reviews when played.


If buying a board game is not your thing maybe you might like to make your own escape room.

Printable Games.

If you prefer to printout your games you can go to Lock Paper Scissors and create your own experience at home.