We were lucky enough to be part of a team in a CluedUpp detective event recently and here is our review this puzzle treasure hunt.

If you like Escape Rooms this virtual experience might intrigue you. CluedUpp offer an event that takes you on tour round your local city, imagine Pokemon Go merged with Cluedo. A detective story whereby you have to collect witness statements to find out who committed the crime.


The overall event started in the morning and lasted till the evening; teams can start at anytime in-between and the journey may take around 2- 3 hours to complete. The event was called ‘Sneaky Finders’ and themed as a 1920’s crime solver. CluedUpp offer prizes for different things such as rewards for ‘best dressed’, ‘fastest time’, ‘best children photo’ and more. - so dress up was optional but encouraged.

We arrived early to load the app onto our phones, each team would have a team leader and the rest of the team can use the app as team members. The app is required for the whole experience, so one phone for a team can be enough although more phones can split the load for working out the puzzle.  The app uses GPS to show your relation to ‘virtual witnesses’ that you need to interrogate. Upon arrival in a certain area a question is displayed that needs to answered about the area, which could relate to the buildings around you; such as numbers, plaques or motifs. This is what fans of Escape Rooms may enjoy as some of the questions are cryptic however CluedUpp do give you multiple choice answers for ease. If you answer wrongly you receive a time penalty.

The App was very much on theme and kept with the story of being detectives including one instance where we arrived in a certain area and a message told us “the witness is running, you must catch him in 5 minutes.” There was no ‘real- life’ witness, it was all virtual on the phone – but we ran anyway, which just proves how involved the group was in solving this.  The App did offer rest points and shortcut points that can take off minutes from your total time and gain extra questions to ask witnesses, which kept the game moving. Some of the clues come in the form of writing and videos and is very story heavy and an extra battery pack for the phone is suggested.

You can solve the game in any order and would suggest completing all the challenges to be able to find the final suspect. Knowledge of the area does help however the App does offer an easy to read map with locators, GPS was slow at times but having extra phones in the group can help.

Our team managed to finish in 2 hours and 18 minutes which ended us up in 25th place out of 150 teams.  Yes, that was 150 teams all on the same quest in the same city. It was quite amazing to see other groups wandering around trying to solve the same thing as you; it made the virtual treasure hunt competition more real. Our team consisted of adults, children and dogs and we all enjoyed it. The hunt was a good form of exercise for everyone and sometimes having children on your team can help - they notice things you may have missed.

CluedUpp is a treasure hunt app that will make the walk around your local city a lot more fun for a few hours for a good price. If CluedUpp come to a city near you, we would recommend giving it a try for a new type of adventure. Dressing up is optional but adds to the fun and the fact this is a one day event with many teams helps with the competitive nature of a hunt.

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