The Escape Room Industry is growing in popularity as evidence from the Nottingham Conference for Escape Rooms earlier this week and Thinking Outside the Box was lucky enough to guest speak at the event.

Jason Stroud and James Hamer-Morton shared their knowledge and expertise during two seminars on Monday, talking about their experiences to an audience of enthusiasts, owners and potential owners


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Jason shared his origins to the Escape Room Industry, designing mathematical boxes for children in the classroom and the application of these principals to Thinking Outside the Box. The talk discussed how room designs can cater for a family group and how companies can change existing puzzles to become accessible to a younger audience. Jason talked alongside Jane Norris from NorrisBox who has also catered and designed for a secondary school level mobile game.


James shared his tech knowledge about how to create and maintain immersion. James talked about the rooms, ‘Stranded’ and the still running ‘Merlin’ and how Thinking Outside the Box uses interactions to make a more theatrical experience. James also discussed how he has integrated this concept to his new games at ‘Deadlocked’ in Reading by showing the crowd his skills in interactive technology. James talked alongside the Davids behind Bewilder Box who discussed their immersion techniques and hilarious clue system ‘D.A.V.E.’

The Nottingham conference also had lectures regarding how Escape Rooms have been bringing people together, how they are designing and operating rooms around the country. How owners organise themes and franchising. The Conference also included an enthusiasts and owners panels with lots of discussion to push this industry further.

The conference was a fantastic opportunity for all members who are interested in Escape Rooms to network and share their knowledge to launch this industry into a grander future. Thinking Outside the Box would like to thank Sarah Dodd and Simon Stokes for organising this event.