Tucked away by the side of the prison at the ‘Up the game’ conference where the customer toilets were, I believe was a hidden gem of an idea. Many people have scrunched up their noses at the mention of trying such an Escape Room but I was willing to give it a go. This is the review to the Porta-loo Escape Room.

Designed for one player, you are padlocked into a porta-loo and must use everything around you to solve the padlocks, retrieve the key and get out. With my sense of humour I found this an absolutely hilarious concept to believe someone had the stones to do, I had to have a go. I have seen some Escape rooms that involve one person and are using phone booths, sometimes with a story that links to a film with the same name, but this was different.

Strangely enough there was no one around to Games master this contraption; it seemed to be on display. So I had to go searching for someone to put me in and who I can trust to not leave me inside. Cutting a long story short I found one of the conference crew who was willing to assist but I do believe she has never done an escape room and only had the cheat sheet but we bravely went with it anyway.

No time limit, however I would have put 10 – 15 minutes on it. I was put in and the padlock secured. To put everyone’s mind at rest, this was not an in use porta-loo. It had been cleaned, modified and blocked off in certain places to make sure no slip ups occurred. It had books on shelves, notepad, emergency light, calendar, and toilet rolls. Along with about 5 locks attached to the side that had a magnet on the end of a chain. Upon that the realisation was that the tube that was the venting system had been modified with a hole at the top and a display with a key at the bottom. My goal was clear but how to get there wasn’t.

From the outside perspective, it must have been an amusing sight. Shouts of ‘oh god’ and ‘I don’t know’ along with the occasional tumble of books must have tickled people as I could hear laughing through these thin walls.  The puzzles inside were hard to know what to do, however not hard if you did know. Eg: counting puzzles or visual number problems. Unfortunately one prop did not work leading to help from the cheat sheet.  From the 5 locks I needed help with 3, plus the one that didn’t work so overall not a good track record on the solving. The conference worker was a gem and helped me out so much, I don’t know the exact time I was in there but it felt like ages due to the heat inside.